About Us


Discovery of Pilates was life changing for me. After many years of chronic back pain and a diagnosis of degeneration of the spine, I struggled with every day tasks. Dressing, driving, sitting and standing were all painful. I tried many alternatives - visiting chiropractitioners, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and acupuncturists. I had steroid injections at a hospital pain clinic and was prescriibed anti-inflammatories for many years. Some gave me short time relief, others just didn’t work for me. 


Fifteen years ago I went to my first Pilates class. It was a Beginners class with the most amazing teacher. For many weeks I was very limited in what I could do, sometimes even having to sit in a chair instead of standing. However, week by week I started to notice some subtle changes. The pain was less frequent and I felt a sense of wellbeing - in retrospect what I was experiencing was actually empowerment. Instead of someone doing something to me, I was doing something for myself with expert tuition and support. Within 6 months I was pain free, my flexibility had increased dramatically and those everyday tasks were a breeze!


You don’t have to have an injury or illness to benefit from Pilates. That’s why it is such a wonderful exercise programme. It doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are young, old, male, female, fit, or unfit - there are benefits for everyone.


I never planned to become a teacher, but when my teacher moved to Scotland, I found she was irreplaceable. So I decided to be trained by the same instructor and qualified as a Certified Pilates teacher in 2010. The rest they say, is history!


Here is what some of my clients think about my classes (by the way, no money passed hands!)


"I have been coming to your pilates classes for over two years now and wouldn't miss them; they are an essential part of my week!  For me a local class like yours is ideal, as the motivation to get back in the car and drive to the gym just isn't there.  There's a very relaxed, informal atmosphere but the classes still manage to be very effective and there are a range of levels within each exercise to suit ability.  At the end of each class I leave feeling both physically and mentally refreshed and relaxed, and ready to face another hectic week."

Bridget, Rufforth evening class

"On Osteopathic advice I decided to try Pilates due to having recurrent muscular spasms. I experienced the value surprisingly quickly and am so pleased with the results that I have continued now for almost two years.
Not only the success that I have experienced , I also enjoy the guidance of Louise and the friendly environment that we have."

Wendy, Rufforth afternoon class


"Being in my late 60's and suffering from hypothyroidism Pilates gives me a sense of well-being, I feel energised both mentally and physically."

Jean, Rufforth afternoon class


"Pilates is not just a way of keeping fit and strengthening your joints, muscles etc, it's also a way of keeping mentally fit, a way of recharging your whole body and mind.  I love it."

Sue, Rufforth afternoon class