About Pilates


The name Pilates comes from its creator, Joseph Pilates who pioneered this technique more than 90 years ago.  While today particularly, we are exposed to lots of new exercise fads, Pilates has stood the test of time and is now recommended by health professionals from GPs to physios. There is even a page on the NHS website dedicated to Pilates.

I know first hand what a difference Pilates can make to your physical and mental wellbeing. The exercise regime is designed to tone muscle, increase flexibility and improve posture. The emphasis is very much on increasing core strength which in turn improves muscular support to the spine. That’s why it is so successful in aiding back pain.

However, what I discovered, was that it was not just the hour you spend in the class that really makes the difference – it is what you take away. You start to think about everything you do in a different way........how you stand, how you sit, how you move. You gain greater awareness of yourself which teaches you to reduce strain by more efficient movement - working with your body, not against it. People start to notice that you look different. Your posture, body shape through muscle tone, and flexibility are all noticeable to yourself as well as to others.


Your brain has to fully engage in the exercises through breath patterns and co-ordination. No two classes are ever the same, which is something that really appealed to me (repeating the same exercise regime week after week is not for me!).


When your mind is harnessed with your body, anything is possible.